Twitter Reveals How Easy it Is to Manipulate


So, before I created this new blog and my new @TeamSchmalfeldt Twitter account, I appealed the fact that my @BalmerLiberal account had been suspended.

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Welcome to Team Schmalfeldt

The Original "Team Schmalfeldt"

The Original “Team Schmalfeldt”

They want to take my Twitter accounts away from me? Fine. Take my Twitter account. I’ll make a new one. Take that one away? Great. I’ll make a new one. And then a new one. And then a new one. And then a new one. As many as you take, that’s as many as I can create.

I’ve dealt with much tougher people than these shitheel Breitbots.

I’ve dealt with much more difficult situations than the constant lawfare of WJJ Hoge.

I’m a survivor. So are you. That’s why you’re on the team.

Welcome to Team Schmalfeldt. It’s time to kick some Breitbot ass.

To quote Andrew Breitbart‘s daddy, “You are either with us, or you are against us.”

Choose wisely.