Zoa Barnes Invokes ‘Because I Said So’ Doctrine in Her Answer to My Petition for a Writ of Certiorari with the Maryland Court of Appeals


Well, she cured my Parkinson’s disease, so I guess she has that kind of power.

Let’s allow the documents and my embedded comments to speak for themselves.

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The Court of Appeals now has everything they need to make their decision.  If they decide to grant cert on Monday, they can overturn the Peace Order right then and there. If they decide they want to mull this over a bit, they could grant my motion to reconsider their denial of my motion to stay the peace order pending their decision. But honest to God. If the court BUYS this pack of bullshit baloney, I officially have no faith in Maryland’s system of juris prudence.

I did some research on Ms. Barnes’ history as a practitioner of the judicial arts. She is a Family Law and Education attorney. She has argued once, that I can find, in front of the intermediary Court of SPECIAL Appeals and came away with a split decision.  I can only imagine how much she is charging Hoge for this… Hogewash.

Your thoughts?


Not Being Given to Hubris, I Will Defer to the Court and Await Their Decision

Mr. William John Joseph Hoge III of Westminster, MD, has been very careful not to discuss the case between us, except in cases where he does.

This morning for example.

Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 7.43.04 AMNow. Here’s a little bit of backstory for my readers.  When I filed my original motion for the Court of Appeals (Maryland’s version of the Supreme Court) to stay Hoge’s unconstitutionally-awarded peace order pending the court’s decision on whether or not to grant my petition for a writ of certoriari (meaning a decision to hear my case), Mr. Hoge’s very expensive lawyer, Zoa Barnes, also of Westminster, Maryland, filed a fanciful bit of fiction in “answer” to my motion, in which she said that the Court could not hear my motion because I hadn’t filed the proper motion for appeal in the Circuit Court which granted the unconstitutionally-awarded peace order in the first place, but that I had filed a motion with the Circuit Court which they were already considering even though the case isn’t going to be heard until Oct. 16.

The Court of Appeals received her answer to my motion and ruled against me on Sept. 4 — the same day I filed my answer to Ms. Barnes’ bit of fiction.

Oh well, thought I. Bit of bad luck. Timing is everything. Now I’ll just wait until the court decides whether or not to take my case.

Then, on Sept. 10, I received this letter from Ms. Bessie M. Decker, Clerk of the Court of Appeals.  I have highlighted the parts of particular interest.  (Ms. Barnes also received a copy of this letter — shocking, isn’t it, that Mr. Hoge hasn’t mentioned it?)

Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 7.50.14 AMNow, what does this tell us?  This tells us that the court received my response to Ms. Barnes’ colorful bit of fiction after they ruled against me. Frankly, this seems like a referee coming over to a coach who has been victim of a botched call on the field and reminding him that he has a red flag in his pocket that he can throw for a review of the official’s decision — if he wants to.

Well, I filed a motion to reconsider the next day. Then on Tuesday, I called Ms. Decker who told me the motion to reconsider had already been distributed to the Judges and that Thursdays were typically the day when they rendered decisions on cases like this. So, if Mrs. Barnes got her motion to deny my motion to reconsider into the court before they ruled, if they ruled, let’s hope for Mr. Hoge’s sake that she did a better bit of storytelling than she did last time.

If the Court has already ruled against me again, it really doesn’t matter either way. If the Court has ruled in my favor, then I think that’s the end of the matter as far as the motion to stay the peace order goes.  It seems unlikely they’re going to deny, grant, then deny my motion again.  I hope to hear something today or tomorrow.  In fact, I may call down there today and see if there’s been a decision yet.

I was also intrigued by the part underlined in blue.  Is it just me? Or does it seem like the Court is rarin’ to make a decision in this case?  The circumstances under which they took it, my former lawyer Mr. Tae Kim tells me, is almost unheard of — snatching it away from the Court of Special Appeals so they could hear it themselves.  And now this letter from the delightful Ms. Decker.

You never know what a Court is going to do until a Court does it.  But from the outside looking in, am I wrong for thinking these are favorable developments?

We shall see!

Now, below you will find some excellent examples of Mr. Hoge NOT discussing the case.

WJJ Hoge is Either a Liar, or Senile, or just… Not Smart.


I hate to have to keep correcting someone when they make mistakes, especially when they continue to make the same mistakes over and over again, and when they are corrected they double down “just to show me” that they are above correction.  But Mr. WJJ Hoge III of Westminster, Md., requires such a correction today.  Let’s review his latest burbling, “Give it a Rest” on his aptly named “Hogewash” blog.

We’ll just run his article, stopping for corrections as necessary,

Bill Schmalfledt (sp) has experienced a great deal of pushback from the victims of his bullying this past year.

Now hold on thar, Baba Boy! “Victims of my bullying?” Either he is talking about people who refused to answer simple questions, or attacked me and I responded. Funny how he keeps forgetting to mention that I never attack unless attacked first. But that would spoil the narrative.

Although he’s managed to beat the rap in each of the criminal charges filed thus far…

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