WJJ Hoge: The man who was a journalist until he wasn’t, until I joined the SPJ at which time he was again

Far be it from me to cast aspersions on a fellow journalist.

(Pardon me. Had to pause for a moment. My wife made some tasty scrambled eggs and ham for lunch and some of it just shot through my nose and got on the computer screen. Had to wipe it off. Let’s continue.)

After being hired day before yesterday by the website Digital Journal as an independent contractor, freelance journalist

Screen Shot 2013-09-27 at 11.45.05 AMI decided it was about time that I joined the Society of Professional Journalists. Before filling out the application, I contacted the SPJ and asked if I was eligible to join as a retired member, even though I am not yet 62. I explained my circumstances, how I had been forced to retire by Parkinson’s disease but was staying active as a journalist as much as possible by my freelance work.  They wrote back and granted me an exemption to the age requirement. So, I joined as a retired member.

It means nothing, really. But it is nice to belong to an organization of fellow journalists. One of the requirements for joining, either as active or retired, is:

You spend more than half your time working as a journalist or j-educator.

I spend nearly every waking hour here at the keyboard, either updating my Shoutcast News/Talk station, or writing stories for Digital Journal (which pays me for doing so.)

I was proud of landing this gig, especially since Aaron Walker, Ali Akbar, WJJ Hoge, R. Stacy McCain and their legion of trolls attacked the Examiner for hiring me back and caused them to rescind their invitation to write for them.

Well, slow and steady wins the race. I won this one.

Now, imagine my surprise to read yesterday that WJJ Hoge — a retired engineer of low accomplishment — is ALSO a member of the SPJ. He posted his online status.  Tell me what you notice here.


Notice it? The “join date” is redacted. Why would the “join date” be redacted? You would think that if Hoge wanted to rub it my face about being a long-standing member of this organization, he would SHOW the “join date” to prove he was member in good standing. After all, he referred to the SPJ website as our website.”

Screen Shot 2013-09-27 at 11.56.45 AM(See, if Hoge mentions something as a matter of conversation or a point of information, that’s all it is. If I do the same, I am “bragging.”)

But this redacted “join date” stuck out like a sore thumb.  Could it be that WJJ Hoge “joined” the SPJ the same day I did? Could it be this was another attempt of Hoge’s to get me to violate the terms of his weak and unconstitutionally-granted peace order, to goad me into contacting him?

I just can’t make myself believe that he would drop $37.50 just to needle me. But then again, he has spent untold thousands of dollars in his 13 failed criminal charges against me and his defense against my motion and petition in the Maryland Court of Appeals isn’t free either. Zoa Barnes GOTTA git paid for her lies. (I don’t have Parkinson’s disease anymore because Zoa said so.)

But would someone actually be that sick, that twisted, that SLIMY as to join an organization he has no business joining in a vain attempt to get under my skin? Is Hoge a “journalist”?

It depends on which Hoge you believe.  The Hoge who posted this in February:

Screen Shot 2013-09-27 at 11.33.18 AMOr the Hoge who posted this yesterday?

Screen Shot 2013-09-27 at 11.36.55 AMSeems like the befuddled old fool can’t make up his mind.

Whatever.  We will meet in court on October 16 for my motion at the Carroll County Circuit Court to modify the peace order. Mr. Hoge will be under oath and we’ll ask him to tell the court when and why he joined the SPC, and if — in fact — the claimed victim of stalking has turned into the stalker.


Lee Stranahan, uh… ‘Quits’ Breitbart.com

Oh, yeah. Not going to Syria, either. Going to Turkey to help prop up Assad regime.

I, uh, "quit." Yeah. That's the ticket. I quit so I can, uh, do stuff.

I, uh, “quit.” Yeah. That’s the ticket. I quit so I can, uh, do stuff.

According to sources, Lee Stranahan was dismissed from his freelance gig at Breitbart.com.  Our sources report that Stranahan had become just “too toxic” for even this widely disrespected hate blog.

Of course, Stranahan spins his departure in a way that reflects positively on himself.

Why did I quit? Circumstances led to a situation where I felt  I couldn’t do my best work there.  Honestly, it’s for reasons I believe Andrew would have approved of. Andrew and I shared a passion for covering big stories that the media overlooked and exposing the left; work that I plan to continue.

I didn’t leave for another job but I’m open to whatever new opportunities lie ahead, including my own projects. Leaping without a net is something I’ve done before and I expect this jump to be just as exhilarating.

Sources say that Stranahan’s ceaseless scamming of his own and Breitbart’s readership was a reason for his dismissal, as well as his eagerness to become an additional liability for “The Defamatory Five” in their effort to stave off Brett Kimberlin‘s lawsuit charging defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress, stalking, harassment and other charges.  Apparently, Stranahan just could not turn away from the potential donation cash cow of scammery that he would seek to milk in the Kimberlin lawsuit.

Allegedly, Stranahan will shortly be on his way to Turkey to talk to specially selected “Syrian Christian Refugees” in an attempt to support the regime of Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad. Stranahan’s hatred for President Obama runs so deep that he has scammed God knows how much money from his easily-duped readership to fly overseas to commit this act of would-be treason. If he returns unscathed (and is not locked away in a Turkish prison ala “Midnight Express), we can expect him to get right to work on his milking of the Kimberlin lawsuit.

Not one of the Defamatory Five (WJJ Hoge, Ali Akbar, Aaron Walker, R. Stacy McCain and “Kimberlin Unmasked” — likely also Aaron Walker) has commented positively on Stranahan’s move to enrich himself at their expense.

Imagine… being such a scumbag that even Breitbart.com doesn’t want you any more…

Aaron Walker Sucks as a Fact Checker

I just had to send this e-mail to Aaron Walker. Since he refuses to deny that he is @Ghostradioonlin, we must assume that he is proud of the fact.  He got some basic facts wrong.

Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 11.03.19 AMFurther truth squad reporting. I never called my brother a retard. I did not attack my ex-wife. I am not podcasting, I run a 24-7 Shoutcast radio station.  I started this one almost 24 hours ago, and it’s called “The Last Stop Lounge.”  All blues and nothin’ but. You can listen on iTunes or Winamp, Windows Media Player, or the Media Player of your choice.  I am currently redirecting http://laststoplounge.com, but until the DNS servers catch up, you can listen on the media player at http://patriot-ombudsman.com.

The comment about “Not as cool as BTR” was sarcasm, as I am currently being heard — at this moment — in the US, Canada, UK, France, Belgium and Iceland.

Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 10.48.21 AM

My map excludes bots and only includes actual listeners. And some of these “browsers” have been listening since early this morning and late last night.

I didn’t compare Akbar to Hitler. I compared a situation… how the whole Akbar contingent is concentrating on me when they SHOULD be concentrated on the man who will successfully sue them for everything they own.

But I will compare Akbar to Hitler now. They both were/are short in the testicle department.

Aaron Walker Exposes Self as @Ghostradioonlin

What happens when you answer a question as your alter ego a minute before you ask it as your actual online persona?

Screen Shot 2013-09-15 at 5.58.27 PMWhy, you DELETE it, of course!

Notice anything missing? Like a tweet from 2:50 PT?

Screen Shot 2013-09-15 at 6.06.20 PM

Maybe Aaron is just having a bad day. He should be working on his defense against Brett Kimberlin’s lawsuit… the same Brett Kimberlin who has beaten him like a dusty rug time after time after time. But let’s witness some more of his epic meltdown in his reincarnated persona.

Screen Shot 2013-09-15 at 6.01.59 PM Screen Shot 2013-09-15 at 6.02.19 PM Screen Shot 2013-09-15 at 6.02.34 PM Screen Shot 2013-09-15 at 6.02.48 PMBusy, Busy, BUSY!!! Check out Aaron’s new blog on Tumblr.

Aaron ENJOYS stealing my images. He’s done it time after time on his Allergic2Bull blogspot cheapass blog.


Welcome to Team Schmalfeldt

The Original "Team Schmalfeldt"

The Original “Team Schmalfeldt”

They want to take my Twitter accounts away from me? Fine. Take my Twitter account. I’ll make a new one. Take that one away? Great. I’ll make a new one. And then a new one. And then a new one. And then a new one. As many as you take, that’s as many as I can create.

I’ve dealt with much tougher people than these shitheel Breitbots.

I’ve dealt with much more difficult situations than the constant lawfare of WJJ Hoge.

I’m a survivor. So are you. That’s why you’re on the team.

Welcome to Team Schmalfeldt. It’s time to kick some Breitbot ass.

To quote Andrew Breitbart‘s daddy, “You are either with us, or you are against us.”

Choose wisely.