Breitbots Mock My Dead Mom, Brothers, Sister Because Stranahan

The Original "Team Schmalfeldt"

The Original “Team Schmalfeldt”

I seem to have angered the Breitbots. The truth does that to them. It makes them wild with anger.

I truthfully pointed out that if Lee Stranahan had the sense God gave a goose, he would have taken his wife to the hospital to deliver his twin babies, both of which would be alive and fighting with each other right now in Stranahan’s filthy apartment while he scams his readers for a trip to Syria that he will never take.

This made the Breitbots really, really mad. If I fuck with HIS scam, I might just fuck with THEIR scams as well.

I am very, very angry!

I am very, very angry!

So, Ali Akbar (felon) attacks, saying that I attacked Anita Moncrief for her illness.  Which, of course, is not true. I REPORTED on her illness. While reporting on her illness, I gave her backstory as being an ACORN turncoat, fired for stealing money from ACORN, and how she told some uncomfortable truths about Ali Akbar to notorious right wing blogger Larry Sinclair before walking back from those statements so she could still be part of the grand right wing swindle that is known as “Blog Bash.”  These are the same people who BRISTLE with anger when a newspaper writes a story about Brett Kimberlin‘s talented songstress daughter with nary a mention of the Speedway Bombing.  See, they want the WHOLE story told… unless it’s about one of THEM!

They are still smarting from the editorial I aired on Fight the Right Radio last week about Lee Stranahan letting his baby die in the bathroom. They expressed this anger by having one of their anonymous lickspittles revive a dormant Twitter account to attack my dead twin brother, my dead older sister, my dead older brother and my dead mother.

When I complained, the answer was “Oh, it’s OK for you to attack Stranahan’s baby, but NOT OK for us to attack YOUR family?”

Let’s be clear. I did not attack Stranahan’s baby. How do you attack a dead baby? It wasn’t the baby’s fault for dying.  It was her parents’ fault. They tried to have this baby, one of a pair of twins, in the bathroom of their house, in the same tub in which they wash their filthy asses, their childrens’ filthy asses, the same room where they brush their teeth, piss and shit. Yeah. Great place for baby having.

It might be, were this not the 21st Century and this was not the United States of America where hospitals are on every fucking street corner and most of them offer the kind of water birth that Mrs. Stranahan wanted to have. But this IS the 21st Century. We HAVE modern medical facilities in the United States, and most of them ENCOURAGE the kind of water birth Mrs. Stranahan wanted because studies show being born into warm water is a lot less stressful on the newborn.

But see, the thing is, if this baby had been born in a hospital, the fetal monitors would have TOLD the nurses and doctors that the baby was in trouble. They would have DONE something, like UNLOOP the umbilical cord that strangled the poor baby, which was dead for hours before Mommy Stranahan, her holistic midwife and her mother realized there was a problem and Stranahan was playing Tetris and tweeting friends in the living room.

This is my opinion. But Lee and Lauren Stranahan are just as responsible for that baby’s death as they would have been if they left it in a car seat, rolled up the windows, went into a casino for three hours, leaving the baby to roast to death in a 120-degree car. I think it’s called criminal negligent homicide or something like that.

But I am not a lawyer.

But to compare my Mom’s death in an assisted care facility from heart failure at age 82, my older sister’s death from esophageal cancer at age 57, my older brother’s death from lung cancer at age 54, my twin brother’s death from a stroke at age 49? To compare THOSE deaths to allowing your own baby to die because you are too stupid to get your wife to a hospital to deliver twins?  That just shows the level of stupidity and desperation on the part of the Breitbots who probably agree with me about Stranahan’s fecklessness, but dare not say so because he was anointed by the great Andrew Breitbart, and as long as he can raise money from stupid people, they probably will be able to as well.

And we can’t have this fat dumbass with an internet radio station and a couple blogs fuck with the scam, now can we?


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