WJJ Hoge is Either a Liar, or Senile, or just… Not Smart.


I hate to have to keep correcting someone when they make mistakes, especially when they continue to make the same mistakes over and over again, and when they are corrected they double down “just to show me” that they are above correction.  But Mr. WJJ Hoge III of Westminster, Md., requires such a correction today.  Let’s review his latest burbling, “Give it a Rest” on his aptly named “Hogewash” blog.

We’ll just run his article, stopping for corrections as necessary,

Bill Schmalfledt (sp) has experienced a great deal of pushback from the victims of his bullying this past year.

Now hold on thar, Baba Boy! “Victims of my bullying?” Either he is talking about people who refused to answer simple questions, or attacked me and I responded. Funny how he keeps forgetting to mention that I never attack unless attacked first. But that would spoil the narrative.

Although he’s managed to beat the rap in each of the criminal charges filed thus far…

Doesn’t “beat the rap” imply that I am guilty of the crime but managed to escape through some technicality? And Mr. Hoge fails to mention that I have “beaten the rap” on all 18 false charges brought against me.

…he has been tagged in one civil case, the Hoge v. Schmalfeldt peace order.

“Tagged?” By a judge who ignored paragraph (b) of the Maryland harassment statute? By a judge who ignored the ruling of a higher court in US v. Cassidy that it is not possible to “harass” a person via Twitter?

He’s also been experiencing pushback on the Internet. I’ve lost track of how many times and how many of his accounts have been suspended or terminated by Twitter.

Ali Akbar has it at 7. He is incorrect. I think the number is more like 3, and those were admittedly sockpuppet accounts created to annoy people like Akbar.  His latest attempt to silence me, the gulaging of @BalmerLiberal? #FAIL! The account has been reinstated.

He’s also had multiple web pages and whole sites taken down by his hosting providers because of copyright and other Terms of Service violations.

Which is it? Multiple web pages or whole sites? I’ve never had a “page” taken down, and the “whole sites” that were taken down were done so at my request when I demanded that Blue Host remove my site from its server rather than give in to Hoge blackmail. The other one was taken down because a whining, crying Hoge kept informing the copyright holder of a portrait that I had transformed to the point where it met the “fair use” conditions for a “transformative work”, and the copyright holder bitched and moaned at Hoge’s behest, and the server owner — a friend of mine — decided it wasn’t worth the bullshit.  So, the “multiple” Hoge is talking about is… 2.

Let’s get back to the peace order for a moment. All Schmalfeldt has to do to obey it is to leave me alone. Yet, on the evening of the day the order was issued, he tweeted this—

DeepBrainRadio ‏@BuchananRick @Harada_no_hime @Xcitizen10 @Kimberlinunmask @AaronWorthing #wjjhoge DIAF
6:23 PM – 14 Jun 13

—which has never struck me as either compliant with the order or as an example of taking one’s loss and moving on.

Hold on thar again, Baba Boy! Is a hashtag mention direct contact? No? Then what’s he whining about. It was nothing BUT compliant with his unconstitutionally-awarded peace order.

Meanwhile, just before his @BalmerLiberal account was suspended, he tweeted this (as quoted by a Team Kimberlin sock puppet):

xri201309131932zSadly, as I said, @BalmerLiberal is back among the living. And isn’t it funny how Aaron Derp Walker is a “Team Kimberlin” sockpuppet while XenophobesRImpotent is a righteous, upstanding Twitizen, and not a “Team Hoge” sockpuppet?

Of course, Schmalfeldt hasn’t just walked away.

Of course not. When one is unjustly attacked it is one’s duty to try to redress that wrong, is it not?

He has filed a motion in the Hoge v. Schmalfeldt case to have the order modified. My lawyer has filed an answer in opposition. There will be a hearing in Circuit Court on 16 October.

Except, there probably will not be.

Schmalfeldt is also in the process of filing paperwork for an appeal.

I don’t suppose there’s any harm in letting Mr. Hoge know that paperwork has been filed for days now.  His lawyer needs to do a better job of keeping him informed. My copy should be on her desk. Maybe she just hasn’t noticed it yet.

We will see if the Court of Appeals takes the case. He keeps tweeting and blogging that the order will be overturned any day now.

Well, as they have asked for and received my motion to reconsider their denial of my motion to stay the peace order pending appeal, I would say there’s at least a 50 percent chance that’s true. And doesn’t Mr. Hoge’s lawyer talk to him anymore? She should have a copy of that on her desk by now as well.

ftrr201309131331zFunny thing. As I was writing this, I got another one of these.

Screen Shot 2013-09-14 at 9.24.42 AMWhat’s this poor clown gonna do for fun when the order is stayed, and then overturned?

Last week, the Court of Appeals denied his motion for a stay pending appeal. I doubt that they did so on the merits of the case because I doubt that they examined them.

They also did so without having received my motion to dismiss his lawyer’s fanciful bit of fiction about how I had filed a motion in the Carroll County Circuit Court for relief, but I needed to file a motion in the Circuit Court for relief before I could file with the Court of Appeals, but that the Court of Appeals was “already considering” the motion for relief I filed but hadn’t filed and they won’t even hear the case until Oct. 16.  Yeah. I’m confused, too.

Schmalfeldt filed the motion with the wrong court, so it was probably kicked on that technicality.

I know where he gets that. When the Carroll County Circuit Court forwarded — on its own — my motion for appeal to the Maryland Court of Special Appeals… the intermediary court… THAT court said the motion had been filed to the wrong court and SHOULD have been filed with the Court of Appeals, which they did under their own motion, as a petition for a writ of certiorari.  I filed in the correct court. The Carroll County Circuit Court. THEY filed with the incorrect court. Easy for a senile old fool to confuse, I suppose.

However, if they had examined the motion on its merits, I suspect that it would have failed that way too.

Well, actually, the Court of Appeals hadn’t seen my reply to Hoge’s lawyer’s bit of fiction, which I mailed to them on Sept. 4. They made their decision on Sept. 4. And then, I received a letter from the Clerk of the Court of Appeals asking if I wanted to file a motion for the Court of Appeals to reconsider the decision. Which I did. Which Mr. Hoge would know if his lawyer kept in contact with him.

It promises to be an interesting autumn.

Oh, indeed. And winter and spring and summer because I figure our business will be concluded by early October, while Hoge’s business with Mr. Brett Kimberlin has been scheduled all the way through June or July. But I have nothing to do with any of that.

But I will be an interested observer.

Stay tuned.


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